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AI Auto Face Tracking Tripod with 360°Rotation

AI Auto Face Tracking Tripod with 360°Rotation

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Introducing our AI Auto Face Tracking Tripod – the perfect companion for content creators, vloggers, and anyone who wants to capture smooth and professional videos effortlessly. This intelligent tripod combines advanced AI technology with 360° rotation, ensuring your face stays perfectly framed in the shot.

- AI Face Tracking: The built-in AI technology automatically detects and tracks faces, keeping you in the center of the frame as you move, ensuring smooth and professional-looking videos.
- 360° Rotation: Capture dynamic shots from any angle with the tripod's full 360° rotation capability, providing versatility and creative freedom in your content creation.
- Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of smartphones and cameras, making it a versatile tool for various devices and shooting scenarios.
- Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect your device wirelessly via Bluetooth for easy control over the tripod's movement and settings, enhancing the overall user experience.
- Adjustable Height: Customize the height to suit your filming needs, whether you're sitting, standing, or shooting in various environments.
- Sturdy and Durable Build: The tripod is constructed with high-quality materials, providing stability and durability for reliable and long-lasting use.
- Compact and Portable: The foldable design and lightweight build make it easy to carry and set up wherever your creative endeavors take you.
- Remote Control: Included remote control allows for convenient start/stop recording, photo capture, and additional control options, adding efficiency to your workflow.
- USB Charging: The tripod is equipped with a USB port for easy charging, ensuring your AI Auto Face Tracking Tripod is always ready for your next shoot.

Elevate your content creation with the AI Auto Face Tracking Tripod – a smart and versatile tool that takes the hassle out of filming, allowing you to focus on creating captivating videos effortlessly.

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